Noble’s asset-light and asset re-cycling strategy supports the integration of our supply chains while securing product flows, adding profit points and improving overall operational efficiency. Noble builds its franchise while focusing investments efficiently, aiming to use the least amount of capital and equity required to ensure the smooth, long-term operations of our supply chains.

To meet the infrastructure, logistics, storage and transport demands of our supply chains, we assist our supply partners in bringing their production on line. We participate in funding consortia if needed, using our network, financial expertise and know-how to bring supply chains to completion.

We call this our “asset-light” strategy. Noble controls the supply chain through partnerships or marketing, risk management support and logistics agreements that give it access to products without fully owning the asset. We invest sufficient capital at critical points of the supply chain while capturing the long-term flows that make us a reliable business partner. As this process is repeated time and again, we have built and are continuing to build strong matrices of supply delivery points.